Putnam County Fair Authority, Inc.


The Putnam County Fair Authority, Incorporated, also called PCFA, is a non-profit corporation approved by Putnam County and the Florida State Department of Agriculture and is incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida as a non-profit educational organization.

Our Mission Statement


To portray opportunity of agricultural society to the adult of tomorrow through education and example. 


Each Fair Authority board member is appointed by a County Commissioner for a four-year term of service.  They can be reappointed at the end of their term if the Commissioner so pleases.    

2019-2020 Putnam County Fair Authority Officers and Board of Directors - J.R. Newbold, III, (Pres.), Jay Browning (VP), Sally Herrington (Secretary), Marshall Fulghum (Treasurer), Renee Hough, Robbie Scholl, Johnny Greenwood, Peggy Cone, Charles Herrington, Malcolm Fabre, Frank Bush, Vikki Miles, John Chastain, Kyle Hines, Dustin Caison, Tim Campbell, Cassie Nettles, April Singleton, Scott Brauman, TK Shrouder

Associate Members: Charlotte Middleton, Gwen Motes

Lifetime Honorary Members: Weezie Smith, Bill Futch, Alonzo Middleton, Austin Tilton

Professional Memberships