Swine & Heifer Proper Entry Photo Examples

Heifer Face Shot - needs to show ears and full front of Heifer, all clear (not blurry) and visible (not cut off)

Heifer Side Photo - needs to clearly show Full Side View of Heifer from Tail to Nose

Swine Ear Tag Photo - must be taken IN THE HOGS EAR, and be completely legible (not blurry, covered with dirt or at an angle where a number may not be fully legible).  We only need a photo of the front side, with the full number.  The back is NOT necessary.

*If your tag falls out of your hogs ear prior to the Fair, you MUST reach out to your breeder (or who you bought it from) and get a replacement and then call us with the new number once you have it on your hog.  The Fair does not supply tags.