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Livestock Buyer Info

2025 Fair March 21st-29th

Thank you to all of our buyers for your continued support of the Putnam County Fair's Livestock Youth!


Next year's Youth Livestock Auction will be held on Friday March 28th at 7pm in the Tilton Arena.

2025 Add-On Sheets and Sale Order will be available HERE the morning of Thursday March 27th

2025 Buyer Contact Info Form

2024 Add-On's are now Closed

2025 Add-On DEADLINE

Thursday March 27th the updated Add-on sheets will be available online and at the livestock office. Payments may be submitted to the fair office Thursday March 27th 10am-3pm and 6pm-9pm and Friday 12pm-4pm.

Add-on's must be submitted before the closing of sale on the night of the annual auction.
No add-on's will be accepted after the closing of sale on Auction Night.

Market purchases and add-on's may be paid at the time of sale. (Check, cash, credit card(3.5% processing fee)
Thank you, Livestock Committee

*Office hours will be posted weekly on FB

Becoming a Livestock Buyer helps the 4-H and FFA YOUTH of Putnam County

Important 2024 Fair dates

Swine Show - Tuesday, March 26 @ 6p in Arena

Steer Show - Wednesday, March 27 @ 7p in Arena

Buyers' Dinner (by invitation only) - Friday, March 29 @ 5p at the Shriner's Club

Livestock Sale - Friday, March 29 @ 7p in Arena

** It is requested that buyers pay for their purchase the night of the sale! We accept all forms of payment. **

(A 3.5% service fee is added to all credit card purchases)

Why should I invest in a youth project?

The Fair’s Steer and Swine auction is the end result of the 4H and FFA youth’s year long project. It is an educational experience as well as a business venture. The members get the opportunity to have a “hands on” experience while learning all about the beef and pork industry. They discover what agriculture production is all about and the kind of responsibility necessary to survive in it. The members have selected, fed, and groomed their steers and hogs for competition and marketing. At this market everyone hopes to receive better prices than the current market prices because of the effort they have put forth and also the costs involved in the learning process. Having community support makes it possible for the youth to receive recognition and the motivation to earn and save for the future. Many youth go through this opportunity and come out as great leaders, educators, and responsible citizens.

What are my choices when buying?

There are several options to consider when deciding to be a buyer.

  • Purchase an animal, keep the meat for your own use or divide the meat among your friends or employees.
  • Purchase an animal then assign the animal for resale. For example: 250lb (weight of animal) X 1.50 (price of your bid) = $375 (total amount paid to the youth). If that day’s market price is $0.40 per lb then you would multiply that price times the weight and subtract it from your total. For the above example $100 would be taken from $375 for a total cost to you of $275. Just remember you don’t get the meat.
  • Purchase an animal in cooperation with another buyer and split all costs and the meat.
  • Purchase an animal and donate the meat to the charity of your choice. You will be responsible for the cost of all the processing fees.

*Resale prices vary depending on the current market price. The resale price will be announced prior to the start of the sale and is listed on the buyer’s sheet.

*No matter which option you choose you still receive the benefit of advertisement as a supporter and a tax deduction.

*You can pay during the sale with cash or check or credit cards. You will pay the processor their fee directly upon pick up of order.

*You will be given paperwork upon your purchase. Please be sure to mark which processor you wish to handle your purchase.

Processors (subject to change)

North Florida Custom Meats ~ Lake Butler ~ (386) 496-2276

Modern Heritage Wholesale Foods, LLC ~ Ocala ~ (352) 545-3300

What do I get back from the processor?

There are various factors that affect the amount of different meat cuts available from an animal. The breed, weight, degree of finish and cutting method are all components in determining your individual cuts. The meat you receive from the butcher of your choosing, will be cut, trimmed, and packaged for the freezer.

  • BEEF example - A 1,200 lb. steer will provide approximately 558 lbs. of dressed out meat.
  • PORK example - A 240 lb. pig will provide approximately 132 lbs. of dressed meat.

A processing charge will be due upon pick up of meat. This fee covers slaughter, cutting, wrapping, freezing and disposals.

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