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2022 Winners

Current year winners will be posted after the Fair

American Beef Heifer

Div 1 & Homegrown Champion - Allison Tillis

Div 1 Reserve Champion - Brenna Kenney

Div 2 & Grand Champion - Laycee Wilson for PHS Sr FFA

Div 2 Reserve Champ - Isabella Whitehill



1st - Isabella Whitehill


1st - Allison Tillis

2nd - Laycee Wilson

3rd - Brenna Kenney

Home Division

Division 1- Quilts & Quilted Items

Best of Class & Best in Show Machine Quilted by Entrant- Marilyn Johnston

Best of Class Mixed Medium Quilts - Susan Coker

Best of Class Machine Quilted Articles - Susan Coker

Division 2 - Crochet, Knit & Woven Items

Best of Class Large Afghans & Best of Show - Jeri Samu

Best of Class Small Afghans - Jane Cumbus

Division 3 - Needlework

Needlework Best of Class & Best of Show - Monica Wallace

Division 4 - Dolls, Toys, Arts & Crafts

Best of Class & Best of Show - Shirley Snyder

Division 5 - Woodworking

Best of Class & Best of Show - Kennon Miles

Division 6 - Antiques

Kitchenware Best of Class & Best of Show - Pam Atno

Early Childhood Influences Best of Class - Pam Atno



Best of Show & Best of Class, Edible Plants - Grant Lewis

Best of Class- Foilage: Kiersten Geiser

Best of Class Cacti & Succulents: Grant Lewis


Best of Show & Best of Class Cacti & Succulents - Linda McCollum

Best of Class, Edible Plants - Robert Anderson

Best of Class- Foilage: Mary Connor Saucier

Best of Class Orchids and Bromeliads: Ruth E Harper

Best of Class Dish Gardens, Terrariums & Bonsai: Mary Ann Anderson

Best of Class Patio Plants: Linda McCollum

Best of Class other Ornamentals: Mary Connor Saucier


Dairy Goat

Class 1 (under 12 months)

1st - Tyler Brock - Grand Champion

2nd - Lily Crews - Reserve Grand Champion

3rd - Aubrey Brock

Class 2 (13-24 months)

1st - Riley Boynton

Class 3 (Milkers under 2)

1st - Christa Bryant

Class 4 (2-4 years)

1st - Kyla Rogero

Meat Goats - Breeding Does

Class 6 (under 12 months)

1st - Hunter Roof

2nd - Ashlyn Miller

Class 8 (2-4 years)

1st - Hunter Roof - Grand Champion

2nd - Ashlyn Miller - Reserve Grand Champion


Junior (8-10 years old)

1st - Hunter Roof

2nd - Kyla Rogero

3rd - Aubrey Brock

Intermediate (11-13 years old)

1st - Lily Crews

2nd - Christa Bryant

3rd - Tyler Brock

Senior (14-19)

1st - Ashlyn Miller

Exhibit Booths


1st - Healthy Families

2nd - Open Door Church of God


1st - Southern Air

2nd - Florida Trucking & Paving


1st - Supervisor of Elections

2nd - Property Appraiser

Most Creative

Putnam County Sheriff's Office


2022 Putnam County Fair

Baby Miss- Jesslyn Sweat

Toddler Miss- Emersyn Brady

Petite Miss- Bentley Royster

Tiny Miss- Arya Seymour

Junior Miss- Kyler Prianti

Jr. Teen Miss- Allison Stokes

Miss- Carlie Drew


Grand Champion & Medium Weight Division Champion - Allison Tillis

Reserve Champion & Heavy Weight Division Champion - Victoria Wilbur for IHS SR FFA

Homegrown Champion - Raegan Brown

Lightweight Division Champ - Emma Mills

Lightweight Reserve Division Champ - Alicia Mitchell

Med. weight Reserve Division Champ - Samantha Harper

Heavyweight Reserve Division Champ - Julia Pogue



1st - Graclynn Rogers

2nd - Addison Williamson

3rd - Jessa Pogue


1st - Wyatt Tillis

2nd - Mason DeLoach

3rd - Camryn Link


1st - Cedric Wright

2nd - Lauren Novak

3rd - Laycee Wilson


Best of Commercial Egg & Meat Male - Nicolas Bowman

Best of Standard Purebred Male - Kourtney Bale

Best of Standard Purebred Male - Raegan Gill

Best of Standard Purebred Female - Samantha Harper, Best of Show

Best of Purebred Bantam Male - Kourtney Bales

Best of Turkey - Hayden Gill

Best of Waterfowl - Kourtney Bale

Best Misc - Hayden Gill


Grand Champion - Tatumn Renfroe

Reserve Grand Champion - Savannah Shrouder

Homegrown Champion - Savannah Shrouder



1st - Stran Cahan


1st -Julia Pogue

2nd - Jackson Altman


1st - Cedric Wright

2nd - Raymond Smith

3rd - Laycee Wilson

Continental Beef Heifer

Division 1 & Grand Champion - Tatumn Renfroe

Div 1 Reserve Champion - Stran Cahan

Div 2 & Homegrown Champion - Makayla Serrano for IHS SR FFA

Div 2 Reserve Champion - Isaac Harper for QIR SR FFA

Div 3 & Reserve Grand Champion - Jackson Barnes

Div 3 Reserve Champion - Alexander Whitehill



1st - Kathryn Gresham

2nd - Stran Cahan


1st - Tanner Maloy

2nd - Isabella Whitehill

3rd - Mason Morris


1st - Alexander Whitehill

2nd - Tatumn Renfroe

3rd - Raymond Smith


Best in Show - Mini Satin - Zella Chaveco

Reserve In Show - Dutch - Madison Alicea

2nd Reserve In Show - Standard Chinchilla - Michael Hernandez


1st - Lainey Owens

2nd - Marley Farmer

3rd - Ayden Robbins


1st - Kourtney Bale

2nd - Evelyn Mowery

3rd - Jamie Dockery


1st - Rosa Hernandez

2nd - Michael Hernandez

3rd - Kylie Stanley

Pullet Project

Best of Breed, Best of Show, Black Australorps - Elyn Reddish

Best of Breed - Silver Laced Wyandottes - Jayvin Price

Best of Breed, Red Sex Links - Makenna Kelley

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